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Recent Reviews

What Our Customers Say

Mike (the owner) was on time as per schedule to perform mold assessment in my attic. Very professional and explained in detail what he had found and potential remediation services to correct noted issues. I had a complete inspection report within a couple hours of his visit. Would highly recommend.
Justin was very personable and friendly, explained the entire process to me, and made the overall experience stress free and enjoyable. The communication was timely and detailed from the initial call to the completed report. I would definitely recommend All County Home Inspections to anyone buying a home.
The customer service was very responsive and helpful. I was able to set up my Level 2 Chimney inspection, view the report, and pay quickly and easily. I wasn't able to attend the inspection in person but the written report was available via email right away.It was easy to understand with the opportunity to ask questions if needed. Great job!

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Let our professional inspectors answer your questions and teach you about your house and prepare you for what to budget for in the future.

Our People

Our team is highly trained and has an extensive background in construction, customer service, or real estate. By implementing a systematic, enjoyable, and educational approach our inspectors are in a unique position to help you understand and prioritize the needs of your future home. 

Although, the goal of an inspection is to assess a property and help you understand its needs. It is our belief the inspection experience should have as little stress and anxiety and that can only be accomplished with friendly and approachable inspectors that are genuinely excited to help you understand your new home.

Our Process

Our process begins long before you even arrive at the inspection. By the time of the inspection, you will have received multiple texts, emails and probably a call from our office. All of this is done to make sure you feel comfortable with and fully understand what a home inspection is and how it fits into the real estate transaction process. Our inspectors will arrive early to be off the roof and back on the ground to greet you when you arrive. You are welcome to follow along, ask questions, take measurements, explore the property, or come and go as you please. 

This is most likely the last time you will have access to the house before the final walk through, so we encourage you to take advantage of it. Once the inspectors have finished, we will get together to review the written report then email it to you and your agent. Additionally, our process continues for as long as you own your home. You have paid for us so use us. We come back for re-inspections of existing issues, if you have questions about what a contractor is telling you or have a concern about your home let us know. We do this because we want you to feel in control of your home, we never want you to you have doubts about what your next steps should be.

Our Technology

Using cloud-based technology and off-site report writing staff our inspectors can focus on what they do best, which is inspecting your property. Utilizing this system, we can keep eyes on the property and, in most cases, produce your report for review at the end of the inspection. Additionally, our company has invested heavily into the newest technology and equipment allowing our inspectors to take your inspection to the next level or provide additional services.

Image using Thermo technology
  • Infrared and digital moisture meters
  • Flir thermal imagers
  • Fiber optic chimney cameras
  • Fiber optic underground sewer cameras
  • Underground pipe locaters
  • Continous Moisture, Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitors
  • Drones
  • Radon Testing Monitors
  • Mold pumps and sampling equipment


Inspection Services

We implement an enjoyable, educational approach which will help you to understand and prioritize the needs of the property being inspected.