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Annual Maintenance Inspections

Getting Started

When you purchased your home, inspection most likely included statements like monitor, re-evalute, budget for or replace in the near future.

A Yearly Review Of Your Home

Each year, we’ll revisit your inspection to ensure all the necessary maintenance is being kept up with and to advise you on what to focus on next – so there are no surprises.

All of our inspectors are State licensed in their respective fields and are certified or members of industry-leading associations.

We guarantee at the end of your inspection you will be highly educated and informed about one of the biggest investments of your life.

How We Help

Energy Improvements:

  • Where and how to insulate
  • Where and how to reduce energy use

Small How To’s That Make a Big Difference:

  • Changing outlets
  • Replacing and cleaning dryer vents
  • Changing locks
  • Replacing light fixtures

Where to Spend Improvement:

  • Money Decisions guidance
  • Reputable contractor lists

Yearly Assistance
& Follow-Up

Scheduled follow ups for continued maintenance

More opportunity for Q&A, let us be your guide!

Paper trail and reports for everything

Schedule an Inspection Now

Click below to use our online scheduler to reserve your appointment. We’ll be in touch soon after to follow up with pre-appointment questions.