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Diving Inspections

Offering Underwater Dock and Bulkhead, Dock and Break Wall

Provide a deeper insight into the otherwise unseen conditions of underwater structures. These inspections are performed by a certified diver with 6+ years of commercial diving experience, and all findings are then verified by Rising Tides Waterfront Solutions professional engineers. These inspections can help determine if structural work will likely be warranted within the next 5 years.

These inspections look to identify…
Structural damage / Undermining / Excessive corrosion / Proper footing

Inspections are performed by a certified commercial diver using SCUBA to gather photo and video information. The findings made by the diver are reviewed by professional engineers at Rising Tide Waterfront Solutions who specialize in inspecting underwater structures.

Standards of Practice

Observe and report on integrity

Our divers are certified to perform underwater bridge inspections by the National Highway Institute and adhere to the standards put forth in that training.

When to Inspect

Decrease Hazardous Conditions

Inspection of these structures should be done in-between or after real-estate transactions, or after major flooding and environmental events. These inspections can help give official insight to repairs needed and the information gathered may be used as a negotiation tool or for submission to insurance as a claim.

Other Services

Our waterfront engineers are experts in navigating the legal system surrounding permitting and planning of new build and renovations of waterfront structures. 

Let us take on the logistics of proper planning and zoning to avoid headaches in the future with illegal waterfront construction.