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Post-Closing Inspection

Did waiving your home inspection leave you with unanswered questions?

Let our professional inspectors answer your questions, teach you about your house, and prepare you for what to budget in the future.

Inspection Comparisons:

Home Inspection

Pricing varies

based on square footage

Home Inspection

Pre-Offer Consultation

$175 fee deposit

towards a post-closing home inspection

1-hour visual consultation
Please call our office to schedule Rochester (585) 773-4001
Buffalo (716) 225-0309

Post-Closing Home Inspection

Pricing varies

based on square footage $175 credit from Pre-Offer Consultation if applicable

Home Inspection

Post-Closing Inspection:

How We Help

Congratulations! Purchasing a home is most likely the most significant investment you will ever make. A Post-Closing Inspection is perfect for the first-time homebuyer, those who declined an initial home inspection, or someone that wants to know more about their home.

To minimize unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, a Post-Closing Inspection can be a valuable inspection to help increase your knowledge of maintaining your home. A Post-Closing Inspection can help identify the need for major repairs and any maintenance that otherwise could go unnoticed. This hands-on tutorial and detailed discussion will give you a deeper understanding of the home’s mechanics and systems.

Our inspectors will spend an hour with you walking you through your new home. Things discussed may include:

  • Where do I shut off the water in an emergency?
  • Is my electrical panel safe?
  • Do I need to budget for a new roof?
  • Is my furnace due for service?
  • Where is my gas shut-off?

Home Inspection Fees

Square footage of house  Fee
Less Than 1000 Sq Ft. $430
1001 to 2000 Sq Ft. $455
2001 to 3000 Sq Ft. $480
3001 to 4000 Sq Ft. $515
4001 to 5000 Sq Ft. $565
More Than 5000 Sq Ft. Call for Pricing
Each Additional Apartment $115
Detached Garage or Out Building $125

Inspection Add-Ons

Mold Sampling$135 (per sample)
Single Area Mold Assessment (Basement, Attic, etc.)$355
Whole Home Mold Assessment$395
Insurance Claims and Commercial Build AssessmentCall for pricing
Radon Testing$185
Level 2 Chimney Inspection$285
Pool Inspection$230
Pest (WDO) Inspection$195