Even though you waived the home inspection to get your new home, you should still get your home inspected.

Even though you waived the home inspection to get your new home, you should still get your home inspected.


Introducing the HomeSweetHomeowner Protection Program

Total peace of mind for your most valuable possession.

What you don’t know can hurt you and cost you…a lot.

When you bought your house, did you check the foundation for cracks and seepage. Did you look at the condition of the roof and inspect the flashing? There’s a good chance that the seller didn’t either. And now that it’s your home, anything that was missed is your responsibility. Better to find out sooner rather than later. We will give you a thorough assessment of the condition of your home to protect you and your investment.

Here’s 4 ways the HomeSweetHomeowner Protection Program gives you total peace of mind:


1) Never get stuck with a lemon…the HomeSweetHomeowner’s Buyback Option.

Say good-bye to bad buys. HomeSweetHomeowners have a no-risk guarantee. If we miss anything major that ends up being an expensive repair, we will buy back your house for what you paid!

2) Keep your home safe and in top condition…the HomeSweetHomeowner’s Manual

Almost anything you buy comes with instructions for proper care and maintenance…except the most expensive thing you buy…your home! HomeSweetHomeowners get a top to bottom guide for maintaining their home. We show you what to look for inside and out, how to locate the typical problem areas such as moisture buildup and identify fire hazards.

3) Reduce overall maintenance costs and increase resale value…the HomeSweetHomeowner’s Annual Maintenance Plan.

Owning a home inevitably means repairing and maintaining it. Planning and budgeting for it will minimize the disruption and financial impact. We will show you how to prioritize repairs, anticipate bigger ticket expenses, and most importantly, fix small things while they’re still small.

4) Never get ripped off for home repairs…HomeSweetHomeowner’s SOW and Repair Estimator

When the inevitable happens and you need to call a home repair contractor, how can you be sure that they’re doing just the work that needs to be done? That they’re charging you a fair price for the work? HomeSweetHomeOwners have access to two great services…a Zip Code specific online repair estimator; and a HomeSweetHomeOwners custom Statement of Work (SOW). Your SOW tells the contractor that you have a professional on your side that knows how define and scope a repair project and keep a limit on the costs.

Want total peace of mind for your most valuable possession? Become a HomeSweetHomeowner. Contact ACHI today!

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